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Anonymous: What ISO do u usually use when u take pic indoor?

I’d love to try and sound really tech about this, but I have no idea. I pretty much use the auto mode! Sorry! 

I’m super bored, so send me questions for a promo! x

sighfranco: When you get this, share 5 acts about yourself AND send this to your ten favorite followers! (:

I’m guessing you mean facts soooo, here goes!

1. I started my senior year of high school yesterday and I love it 

2. Today is my 16th birthday and I had an awesome day (My best friends brought an icecream cake to school for me!)

3. I have hyperthyroidism and it’s a pain in the butt

4. I pretty much live and breathe Grey’s Anatomy.. (I’m actually watching it right now)

5. This is the happiest I’ve been in years :)